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Customers want optimum selection and service while demanding highly competitive prices. While attempting to meet these needs, the retailer’s own directors and shareholders expect to achieve increasing profits.

SmartRetail  helps achieve all of these goals without excessive investment in time or infrastructure.

SmartRetail is the newest store system developed by SmartWare. It is the culmination of more 25 years of retail point-of-sale software creation and support experience. Although it relatively recently released, more and more retailers use our software in hundreds of stores on thousands of registers as well as in their corporate offices.

It is elegantly simple, ultimately flexible, fast, and powerful.

Day-to-day processes at the POS have been streamlined, removing keystrokes/clicks/steps and enabling advanced back office functions. SmartRetail is designed to thrive in an always-on connected world retaining full functionality in off-line situations.  It supports your staff in providing exemplary customer service and developing loyalty among your customers