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SW RetailSoft SA was founded by experienced IT professionals in the Retail & Distribution industry. It is an independent and self-financing company aiming to help retailers optimize business operations by providing high added value professional services and integrated solutions. In order to prosper and expand internationally, we invest in new technology and promote innovative solutions that will address the challenges of the target industry.

SW RetailSoft employees 35 experienced, high skilled, well trained, IT professionals. Our nationwide network of partners, gives us the opportunity to (pro)act instantly to the new challenges.


Investment in new technology, development of innovative solutions, and rendering of professional services is our way to serve our customers.



Loyalty, mutual respect, team spirit, performance orientation, and code of ethics have always been the cornerstone of our foundation. We share them not only within our organization but also with our customers and business partners.


SW RetailSoft headquarters are located in the suburbs of Athens, at N. Iraklio. A branch, offering technical and support services to our customers in Northern Greece is located in Thessaloniki, and the opening of a new branch in Southern Greece will come soon.